SAP HANA, or High Performance Analytic Appliance, is a database system developed by SAP. This database has in memory storage and analytical capabilities.

Beat Education’s SAP HANA course offers an integrated learning approach. The course combines theory with real-life SAP applications. Through this course, students will learn to use SAP HANA in a flexible and skilled manner.

Key Topics:

  • Data Modelling: In the SAP HANA course, you will learn how to create database models.
  • SQL Scripting: Learn SAP HANA SQL to manage data within the HANA database.
  • Systems Operations and Administration: In this portion, you will learn about the various SAP HANA administrative tasks such as installation, monitoring, troubleshooting, data migration, and security.

Jobs after SAP HANA

After learning SAP HANA, you can get a job as a SAP HANA administrator. Administrators are responsible for dealing with maintaining and updating the HANA database. SAP HANA certified professionals can also perform tasks such as database modelling and analytics.

Who Should do SAP HANA?

Those who want to work in database administration, modelling databases, and data analytics.

Preferred Qualifications : B. Tech

Benefits of SAP HANA

  • In-memory: SAP HANA has an in-memory database that retrieves data at a rate that is a million times faster than disc-based databases.
  • Column-Based: The column based system used in SAP HANA is much more efficient than row based systems for analytical queries.
  • Scalability: The SAP HANA database can be scaled up for huge workloads.