SAP PP Course

SAP PP is one of the SAP ERP modules. ERP or enterprise resource planning refers to software used for managing a business’s operations. SAP ERP has different modules for each type of operation. The SAP PP module is used for production planning.

Beat Education’s SAP PP course offers an integrated learning approach. The course combines theory with the real life applications of SAP. Through this course students will learn to use SAP in a flexible and skilled manner.

The SAP PP course covers the following sub-modules:

  • Sales and Operations Planning: In this sub module you will learn how to coordinate customer demand, inventory requirements and production levels.
  • Demand Management: With this sub module you will understand how to manage demand according to sales forecasts and other consumer data. This will help to create an effective production.
  • Capacity Planning: Using this SAP PP sub module, you will be able to plan capacity according to demand.
  • Production Orders: With SAP PP you can create, release and track production orders.
  • Shop Floor Control: The shop floor control sub module, helps to track productivity and real time progress in production centres.
  • Quality Management: The quality management sub module helps in ensuring and improving product quality by scheduling quality checks and managing quality defects.

Jobs After SAP PP

After completing SAP PP, you can work as a consultant or as an analyst. SAP PP trained professionals can create detailed production plans based on demand and capacity. You can help a business improve production efficiency and ensure quality control.

Who Should do SAP PP Course?

Anyone with experience in production, business management and computer applications.

Preferred qualification: B. Tech, MBA, MCA

Benefits of SAP PP

  • Integrated Process: With SAP PP input from various departments such as sales, material management and production can be integrated to optimise production processes.
  • Production Oversight: The SAP PP module allows businesses to oversee the processes at production sites which helps to analyse delays and ensure efficiency.
  • Quality Control: Quality management using the SAP PP systems ensures product quality.